Surnames and Places

The following are the surnames in my family tree and the places they lived.

Bauer - Germany (Bavaria)


Cox - North Carolina, Ohio

Dahl (this was the name used in America) - Norway, Wisconsin, Minnesota

Dichtenmuller - Germany, North Dakota, North Carolina

Dazey - Indiana, Illinois

Eigenbrod - Germany, Maryland

Eyler (Iler, Oiler) - Germany,  Pennsylvania, Maryland

Gunderson - Norway, Wisconsin

Harbaugh - Germany (Palatinate),  Pennsylvania, Maryland

Houlihan - Montana

Hobson - North Carolina, Ohio, Iowa, Illinois

Koch - Germany (Prussia), Ohio, Montana, Wyoming

Olstad (this was the name used in America) - Norway, Wisconsin

Payton - Ohio, Illinois

Peroe - Montana

Smith - Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Washington

Smith (Schmidt) - Germany, Indiana, Illinois

Steingruber - Germany (Bavaria), North Dakota, Montana


Wickenkamp - Germany, Nebraska, Wyoming

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