Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Travel Tuesday - American Legion Nonstop Goodwill Tour

Spokane Daily Chronicle April 3, 1930

Autos and Planes to Greet Legion Car Tomorrow
By Grant Ware
ROSEBERG, Ore., April 3, 12:12 p.m. - Crossed two ranges of mountains last night and smooth road looks good.  Picked up Carroll Byrd, formerly of Spokane, last night at Williams and carried him to Willows.  Pulling into Roseberg and will clear Portland around 8 p.m.
    Spokane's nonstop drivers, in southern Oregon at noon today, are expected in Spokane on schedule time at 2 o'clock to tomorrow.
    Warren W. Greenberg, vice commander of the American legion, today completed plans for a big parade at 2 o'clock tomorrow in honor of Grant Ware and Frank Smith, pilots of  the American legion nonstop car on the Spokane-Canada-Mexico tour.
    Shrieking sirens, roaring airplane motors information flight and cheering crowds will welcome the nonstop duo.  The parade will be headed by motorcycle officers.
Flyers Take Hand
   Spokane's military formation flying team, Major C.V. Haynes, Captain L.C. Sherman and Lieutenant Laurie Heral, will "pick up" the care somewhere along the Inland Empire highway and escort it to town.
    "The boys will drive direct to legion headquarters in the Dessert hotel because that is where the tour started, and we do not want to run the risk of failure by having the car stopped as a result of excitement after the boys have returned home." said Mr. Greenberg.  "As soon as the legion office has been passed the parade will start."
   Phil Hinkley of Riegel Brothers, donors of the car, announced the motor will be kept running in front of legion headquarters after the parade until 6 o'clock.
Meet at Third and Maple
   "People joining in the parade should meet the boys at Third and Maple," said Mr. Greenberg, "but they should exercise every precaution against stopping the car."
     Parade to form on Third, west to Maple, and will proceed east on Third to Post, north on Post to First to Cedar, north on Cedar to Sprague, east on Sprague to Bernard, north  on Bernard to Riverside, west on Riverside to Monroe, north on Monroe to Main to Bernard, south on Bernard to First, west on First to Post, and south on Post to legion headquarters.

   Included in the official escort will be the wife and mother of Mr. Ware. Mrs. Smith, Mr and Mrs Henry Rising, Mr Greenberg , Dr S E Rosenthal, Commissioner Ralph Hendricks, B J Hebert, vice president of the Chamber of Commerce;  Attorney Edward W Robertson, A G Tucker, Colonel Joseph K Partello and Charles Fancher Jr.

By Grant Ware
WILLOWS, Cal., April 2, 11:53 p.m.  - Made one of the finest refueling's at Fresno this morning we have made to date.  Two traffic officers rode interference for ourselves and convoy.  Also made a first oil change, although it was not  necessary; but we wanted to practice and decided not to take any chances.
   Picked up an old school friend at Fresno  and carried him for 10 miles.   He and Mrs Frank McCullough an John Stark were in the front row watching their Spokane boys operate.
    Were picked up at Lodi, by Victor H Myers, commnader of that post. On way down we turned down invitation to do through Lodi, but at his request we spent the time today,  although slightly behind schedule.  Upon parting company we were given a splendid box of rations  including fried chicken, with  the compliments of the post.
    At Sacramento we made another successful refuel and cleared town on time.  Will be out of California about 4 a.m. Car running great and both feeling fine.  Another  day of perfect weather.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

On This Day - March 14, 1899

On This Day....March 14, 1899, my grandmother was born in Winona, Minnesota. She was named Edith Viola Dahl. She always went by Viola. Her parents were August and Anbertina (Olstad) Dahl. Viola had an older sister, Lillian, and a younger sister, Ruth.  Viola, along with her sisters, grew up in Winona. She graduated from Winona High School in 1916 and later attended Winona State Normal School where she graduated in 1919. Her sisters stayed in Minnesota where they would get married and raise their families, but Viola had an adventurous spirit. With her teaching credentials in hand she headed West,  I was told that she wanted to see some mountains. She settled in Spokane, Washington, where she would get a job teaching. Even though she did not know how to drive, that did not stop her from buying a car. I am assuming that she bought the car from Riegel Bros. Dodge, because the young man that worked in the parts department talk her to drive. It driving lessons must have gone well, because on May 9, 1926, she married that young man. His name was Frank P. Smith. 

Happy Birthday Grandma! I love you and I miss you!