Wednesday, July 17, 2013

World War II Letters Home July 17, 1938-Estelles Wickenkamp

                                                                                                  The De Havilland School
                                                                                                          of Flying
                                                                                                  Longfield House
                                                                                                  Hatfield, Herts
                                                                                                  July 17, 1938

Dear Folks,

Well, another week has gone by and it is Sunday again.  I don't really know what to write about, I've wandered around and told you about a little of everything already.

I went for a bicycle ride with one of the boys this morning; we went about 12 miles, just took our time.  Of course all the side roads and paths are paved here so it isn't hard to pedal here.  We went through a lot of pretty lanes with big trees or hedges along the sides.   There are motorcycle and bicycle clubs here;  we saw quite a few groups going along the roads.  People over here ride bicycles for enjoyment, old and young alike.  It looks funny to see an old lady riding along on a bicycle.

I have 10 hours, 10 minutes dual flying time and 20 minutes solo now. I'll get some more solo tomorrow.  The De Havilland Factory here is building 5 big Albatross Commercial planes.  They have one nearly completed.  they were test-flying it last week.  They are nearly the biggest land planes in the world.  The wing span is 114 feet, length 108 feet. They carry 22 passengers, and I don't know how much freight. I am going to take some pictures of it as soon as it is completed.

The De Havilland Co. had a sports day yesterday for all it's employees.  There are 2,000 men working in the factory alone, I don't know how many there are in the offices and school.  In the evening we had a dance in the Sports Club.  It is a great big floor.  There were probably 500 or 600 people there and it wasn't crowded.  They dance a lot of fancy steps and different dances over the here, 99% of the girls are from homely to fair.  I haven't seen any of these English  beauties yet.

I went into St. Albans yesterday (that is about 5 miles from here) to try on my dinner suit or tux, and it fits me just fine.  I'll probably get it next Saturday.  Did I tell you how cheap clothes are here? My suite only costs 3/17/6, that's about $19.40.  You couldn't get it in Canada for less than $50.00.  Of course I have to get my stiff fronts, etc. yet but that doesn't come to much.

If you waited to write me to until you got a letter from here I suppose I won't get any word from you until the end of the week. You could have at least sent me a letter every day for the last 2 weeks.  I am getting anxious to know what you are doing. I am the only one who hasn't got a letter from home yet.  That's why I don't know what to write about.  It is nearly supper time again, so I'll close.

                                                                                                Love to all,


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