Monday, September 15, 2014

Military Monday - World War I - Frank P. Smith

On April 7, 1917 a young man of 19 years of age enlisted into the service. This young man was Frank P. Smith (my grandfather). He departed from his hometown of Spokane, Washington on April 6, 1917 via the Spokane and Inland Railroad arriving at Camp Murray April 11, 1917.

 While at Camp Murray, he was assigned to "H" Company 2nd Washington 161 Regiment Division 41. He remained in this Camp until April 15, 1917.

He was later transferred to Camp Tacoma Sector, Electron, Washington for guard duty. This appears to be Fort (Camp) Lewis. (click on the link below for further history on Fort Lewis).

He was back in Camp Murray on August 15, 1917 and then sent across the country to Camp Mills on August 39, 1917. (click on the link below for further history of Camp Mills.

Frank arrived at the Port of Embarkation on December 12, 1917.  On December 14, he boarded the steamship, President Lincoln for an 18 day voyage to France.

The ship arrived in Brest, in northwestern France in Brittany, on December 29 and landed December 31, 1917.  He remained here for two hours. He was soon transferred to Chaumont, Dijon, France.

Frank moved up to the battle line on June 15, 1918 where he participated in the following battles: Marne Offensive, June 28; Second battle of Marne, July 14; St. Mihiel Offensive, September 16; and Meuse Argonne, October 7.

He was wounded at Meuse Argonne, the Champagne sector, Oct 9, 1918.  He was in hospital:Field #16 - Evacuation 5; Base #202 - Camp 52; Base 85; Base 69 - Evacuation Newport News, VA and Gen #27 Fort Douglas.  He was in the Base Hospital #202 in Orleans, France when the Armistice was signed.  The only promotion he received was to First Class Private in March of 1917.

                                         On The Way Home

On May 18, 1919, Frank arrived in St. Nzaire, France where he would board the steamship Antigone.

 He arrived at Newport News, Virginia May 29, 1919. He was transferred to Fort Douglas, Salt Lake City, Utah. It was here that he was honorably discharged.

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