Wednesday, December 16, 2015

On This Day - December 16, 1861

On This Day....

One hundred and fifty-fours years ago, my Great grandmother, Elisabeth Drollner, was born. 

Here is an article that appeared in the Casper Tribune Herald in 1953 when she celebrated her 93rd birthday.


Like the little old lady who had so many children she didn't know what to do Mrs. Andreas Wickenkamp has so many grand children and great-grandchildren that she can't keep track of them.  Mrs. Wickenkamp who celebrated her 93rd birthday anniversary at her home at 703 South Washington, was born in Soest, Germany, and came to the United States in 1883.  She has lived in Casper since 1922.

She is shown with a wedding wreath which she wore at her wedding Sept. 30, 1880.  The wreath which is framed was the only thing which the little family of three saved during their six weeks trip on the Atlantic Ocean.  During a storm a sea family had to throw all of their possessions overboard to keep the ship from sinking.

Mr. Wickenkamp who died 10 years ago was 89 when he passed away.  Mrs. Wickenkamp is the mother of eight children.  Two of them, Mrs. Alma West and Henry Wickenkamp are Casper residents. Mrs. Wickenkamp has 18 grandchildren and about 18 great grandchildren.

The little lady said in very good English that she felt fine and didn't feel any older despite he 93 years.  She pointed out German words on the wreath frame: "Jesus Christus gestern ahd hente and derselbe in Alle Ewigkeit- Amen."  She said they meant "Jesus Christ yesterday and today and the same in all eternity - Amen."

Mrs. Wickenkamp makes her home with her son, Henry, and likes it.

Elisabeth Drollner was born December 16, 1861 in Rollingsen, Westfalia, Germany to Franz Drollner and  Elisabeth Theimann. She married Georg Heinrich Andreas "Andrew" Wickenkamp on October 30, 1880 in Ostonnen, Westfalia, Germany. She died on February  9, 1956 in Casper, Wyoming. As stated above, she had 8 children. My grandfather William George Wickenkamp was the seventh child. My mother, Jerry Lynn, was one of the 18 grandchildren, was quite young when she saw her grandmother in Casper. She told me that grandma used to call her "My Yerry". 

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