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World War II Letters Home November 27, 1938-Estelles Wickenkamp

                                                                                                         November 27, 1938


I wish all of you could have enjoyed that week-end with me.  I am invited to spend Christmas holidays there, so I think that is what I will do.  Gosh! I don't remember - did I tell you all about this in my last letter?  I can never keep track of my letters or what I have written.

Well, I must go to bed.  I will finish this tomorrow.  I have gained about 15 ponds in weight - too soft a life, I guess.


I got yours and Richard's letters today.  Thanks for the photos.  It seems as if John H. has both feet in it now.  That's too bad - I would like to see him make good.  I wish I could have stayed with him for a year or 2, probably I could have helped him out a little to get started.

Richard, if you can work under someone with experience at Campbell's Garage and get a fair wage it would be a good opportunity to learn.  You know it's pretty hard to pick up all the work on every type of car now days.  A year or 2 working under someone who knows the ropes would set you on your feet a little better.

I got a letter from Vernon today too, and he says W. Belous has been accepted and will be coming over with the next shipment.  I haven't seen any 'hunks' in the Air Force over here yet.  Vernon also said that Alice, Mrs. Lyons and Ida Zupko have bought fur coats ranging in price from $175 to $275.  Boy! They must think they are living with 'Lizzie" in Buckingham Palace.

I also got a letter from Esther and she said she got her chicken and dressing but didn't know whether it was Nicodemus of Nicholi.

We didn't do any flying today.  There have been a lot of low clouds and rain.  It has cleared up a little so some of the boys are night-flying tonight.  According to your letter you must have the map I sent as you said you followed my cross-country flight.

Saturday morning, the day I went to Wales, 5 of us went in Oxfords (solo on a cross-country to Farnboro, landed at Boscomdown, to Yeovil and back.  We didn't fly formation but were within a few hundred yard of each other the whole trip.

We were going about 180- 190 m.p.h the whole way.  a lot of the Staff Officers are leaving this station.  They are being raised in rank and being posted to a squadron, so for our next term we will have some new officers here.  I have about 25 hours solo and 20 hours dual flying here.  So altogether with civil school I have around 100 hours flying.


I guess I should finish this letter tonight or I'll never get it away.

Three of us went on a cross-country in formation with our instructors this morning to Stradishall (East of Duxford).  We stayed there for dinner and came back here by 3:30 p.m.  I didn't get any classes today.

I have been filling in a football pool tonight, to see if I can win any more money.  I'll send you a blank next time.  Nearly everyone in England puts their pennies on the football pools.  You can get as much as 7 or 8 thousand pounds for a penny investment.  Of course I would be satisfied with less.

I will try to write some more again on Sunday.



(Note: The next letter will be dated January 2, 1939 and will be published on January 2, 2014)

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