Wednesday, September 11, 2013

World War II Letters Home September 11, 1938-Estelles Wickenkamp

                                                                                                         Brize Norton
                                                                                                         September 11, 1938

Dear Folks:

As this is Sunday and I have just finished dinner I'll try to write a few words.  After breakfast 4 of us boys went for a walk out in the country 10 miles.  We started out walking on a country road, then it ended so we just cut across the country, over stone walls, fences, through groves, meadows etc.  It sure was pretty.  We found an old stone water-mill and saw a lot of old country houses and huts, as they are called here.  The next time I go out I am going to take my good old box camera with me.

There are a lot of big trees here, oaks with ivy climbing up the them (not poison ivy), elms, holly, ash, huckleberry bushes, fir,pine and a lot of others I don't know the name of yet.  Some of the maple trees are starting to turn color, beautiful red, orange and yellow leaves.  It seems impossible to realize that some sort of season known as winter is soon coming.  There are still a lot of green and half-ripe apples and pears growing.  Nearly all of the roses have quite blooming.

Doug, Grant and I went into Oxford yesterday afternoon and looked the town over.  I am sending a folder of it - everything is colleges and churches.  I'll get some pictures of some of the places later on.  We have Saturday afternoon and Sunday off here.

Have you read about the new S.S Queen Elizabeth that is to be launched this month - it is bigger than the Queen Mary.

Do you remember the big Albatross planes I told you about?  One day they were testing one of the new ones and had it heavily overlooked.  When it landed it broke into 2 - this was at Hatfield.  Also a few days ago a fellow from the voluntary reserve from Hatfield had a forced landing in a town.  He hit a house; his plane exploded and it wrote off 11 people and injured 8.  Of course that doesn't happen everyday.  We had two planes here stand on their noses on the landing field within 20 minutes one afternoon.  They we flown by the senior team.  We are just the Junior team.

I am enclosing a few pictures;  they are not very good - but will get some more to send to Esther.  I haven't much to write but I think with all the papers the envelope will be full.

                                                                                             With Love,


N.B. R.A.F No. 2 F.T.S. Brize Norton, Oxfordshire

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