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World War II Letters Home September 18, 1938-Estelles Wickenkamp

                                                                                                    No. 2 Flying Training
                                                                                                    Royal Air Force
                                                                                                    Carterton, Oxford
                                                                                                    September 18, 1938

Dear Folks:

I had a sleep this afternoon so I don't feel very sleepy tonight.  I don't know what I am going to write about but I may think of something to tell you.

I got that painting and a couple of other pictures wrapped up at last and you should get it about the same time as this letter.  I had some of our menus, etc. from the ship so I sent them along too, also some of our uniform samples and prices.  Overalls mean just plain trousers, except the mens' overalls, they are elongated tights. Wellingtons are four wear with our mess kit and look something like this; those hooks mentioned are to pull them on with.  Our trousers go over the outside of them and are strapped under the boot.  When we have our mess overalls on there are no wrinkles in them, being tied down at the bottom and being uncomfortably pulled up by the braces.  I took some pictures of my mess kit and greatcoat but unfortunately they did not turn out good so I'll take some more, if the sun comes out long enough.

Before I forgot - about the radio, I think the best thing to do is take it to Oscar Olson and let him get one of those resistors for it and put it on.  Also I think you should get one of those propellers  from Eaton's or Macleods to put on the windmill.  Do it this fall, then when winter comes it will be all set up.  Richard can put a couple of condensers on it to the ground so it doesn't make a noise on the radio when it runs.  I guess that should be enough instructions for one day.

I am saving picture cards from cigarettes of Royal Air Force Aeroplanes and when I  get the set of 50 I will send them to you.  Actually there are about 75 different planes used in the R.A.F.

About the middle of December we get 2 weeks leave, then in January we go to armament camp for a month in North Wales along the sea coast.  There we practice machine gunning and actual bombing on targets on the water.  After that we come back here and finish our 3 months of advanced flying.  Then sometime in May we go to Manston - somewhere on the east coast in Kent and we have a navigation  training.  I think it is for about 3 months, maybe 1;  anyhow, when we leave here I will have my 2nd Class Navigator's Certificate.  Then we get posted to a Squadron somewhere and I don't know what all we do then.  We sure get moved about plenty the first year.  I ought to know England by heart by the time we are through.

I am Duty Pilot tomorrow so I don't have to go to classes. I think I explained some more about the Watch Office and Duty Pilot before, anyway we have to watch the planes take off and land, time, etc., and take care of any visiting aircraft.   I haven't done any amendments for the last couple of days so I'll have to get busy this week and try to finish them up before we get some more.

Is Harold going to stay all winter or is he going into town? How much fruit have you put up this year?  etc. etc.  How is the garage work going, Richard, do study the manuals and leaflets to help you.

It is after 11:00 o'clock so  suppose I should go to bed now . the big Albatross that broke in 2 at Hatfield is repaired and is flying again.  It is going on a trans-Atlantic air-route.

Tell me all the news you can.  I like to get your letters, although sometimes i am slow in writing back.



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