Friday, October 25, 2013

The Book of Me, Written By You - Prompt 8: Time Capsule

  Prompt 8: Time Capsule

1. You can choose you to create the time capsule for for that will influence what you will put (or would put into your time capsule)

2. The creation of a time capsule
     a. you can do it in a literal sense or
     b. you could simply write what you would place into you time capsule and why. It is much        more fun to create though!

You may choose to create a time capsule for your children, or a niece/nephew for grandchildren - A physical item that you will give to a named person.

Why have you chosen that person, and when do you intend for them to have it?

You may choose to create a time capsule of your home and leave it for someone in the future to find.

You may want to create a time capsule relating to an actual event or anniversary.

If you create physical time capsule, what did you choose to use as your capsule and why?

My mother had a cedar chest to keep all the family keepsakes in. This cedar chest lived in our guest room in my childhood home. You could say that this cedar chest was a "Time Capsule" it contained family treasures such as the veil my mother wore on her wedding day along with the bible she carried; she also kept the dress she wore on her first date with my dad. In the chest was my dads Army jacket and hat. She placed her college sweater there. I also found bibles that belonged to my great grandparents (Charles E and Sybilla Koch) and the bible that belonged to my great grandmother Elisabeth Drollner Wickenkamp. There were letters that mom saved from my grandparents, when they wrote to us after we moved to California.  There was the quilt that belonged to my grandma Smith (Viola Dahl) along with what remained of the "Smith family Civil War" quilt. I next found the baby books for my mom and dad, a lot of embroidered linens, my grandma Flo was an excellent embroiderer, you couldn't tell the front from the back. This cedar chest was in the family for many years, when mom and dad moved to Medford, OR, it went with them and was in the guest room in their cottage at the Rogue Valley Manor, then when mom downsized again to go to the apartment, it went there too. But alas, after the last downsize, there was no room for the cedar chest, so I had take out the important family treasures I wanted to keep and I have those in plastic storage bins (I had no room for the cedar chest in my small apartment).  So now I am creating a virtual time capsule with the help of my family history blog and pinterest.

Please visit my virtual time capsule and some of my family treasures that used to lived in the cedar chest. 

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  1. What a great idea to document your family treasures on Pinterest...I'm going to do that too.


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