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World War II Letters Home October 25, 1938-Estelles Wickenkamp

                                                                                             No 2. Flying Training School
                                                                                             Royal Air Force
                                                                                             Brize Norton, Carterton
                                                                                             October 25, 1938

Dear Folks:

I have forgotten just how long ago I did write to you, but it can't be very long ago.  Anyhow on the occasion of your birthday the least I can do is to wish you a very "Happy Birthday" with many more to come.

I haven't been able to get a R.A.F. broach for you in Oxford so I will send for one for you.

I suppose you often wonder why my letters are very disconnected sometimes.  It seems that trying to write to a number of different people I get mixed up about what I have written, and trying to think of something to say on the spur of the moment.  Our time is sort of all chopped up, I find it quite inconvenient to write during the week, so I leave it generally until Sunday, then on Sunday I don't want to stay in all day writing half a dozen lengthy letters, so I sometimes just call it off and try to postpone it all. But that only makes matters worse, so I'll have to try to do my letter writing on some other night.  I got 6 letters today and a few a couple days ago so you can see them pile up on me, then if I happen to lose one - someone patiently waits for a letter that doesn't come or else if they do get it I probably haven't answered some questions.  Better I find me a stenographer.

 I am still waiting for the Air Ministry to refund my R.R. ticket money - they seem to be taking their own sweet time.  I have some money in the bank, but not an awful lot, I think about 6.  I paid up most of my insurance, except $9.99 which I hope to pay in a month or 2.

There wasn't much left out of last month wages as I had to pay 1 1/2 months board out of it.  It will be much better this month.  I should have about 10 left.  Once I get all straightened out I will be able to put aside about 6 to 8 pounds a month (I hope!).

I am buying a cheaper uniform for working in, to save my good one.  I am going to pay about 1 a month on it.  It only costs 3-10 -0.  That sure is an awful difference in price; my good service jacket alone cost me about 7, so I think it is worth it to get another now.  One uniform would never last 4 years anyway.

We have a test exam coming off in a couple weeks s I guess I'll have to do a little "swotting" as they call it here.  so if during the next few weeks my letters are sort of ragged you will know why.

Saturday I took the day off (we have classes in the morning) and went to the International Car Races with a friend, Fraser.  We went as far as Oxford in his care, then from there we went with his sister and her boyfriend in their Buick Coupe.  The races are in Donnington Park just a few miles from Derby (pronounced Darby). It sure was exciting.  The roaring of these cars as they flashed by at about 200 m.p.h., whipped around the corners, then roared on again.  It is hard to explain what it sounded like, but there was certainly some terrific roaring and whinning, with some of those motors turning up to 6 and 7 thousand revs per minute.  I borrowed a real fast camera with a 1/1000 of a second shutter speed and took 34 pictures; there were on one roll, as this type of camera uses narrow film with 36 exposures on it.  Anyhow, as soon as I get some of the pictures I will send you some.  I suppose by now you have all about it.  Nuvolari, the Italian driver won the race in an Auto Union car (German make).

I sent a big R.A.F. map home to the folks.  It is a map of the southern half of England; it is on the scale of 10 miles to the inch. I borrowed it from the Navigation room.  Now they will be able to follow all of my maneuvers.

We are having a big dance here this Friday.  I imagine there will be about 300 people attending. I'll send full details on Sunday - that is if I get sobered up by then,

It is after 10 o'clock and I have to do some bomb-sighting and wind speed and direction calculating questions so I'll have to get busy.

Will write again Sunday.


N.B Again may I say - "Birthday Greetings, old deah".

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