Thursday, October 10, 2013

World War II Letters Home October 10, 1938-Estelles Wickenkamp


I didn't finish my letter the other day so I'll see what I can tell you now.

Today Corporal Linthune and I went on cross-country flight flight with our instructor. L.A.C - Leading - Aircraftman, Corporal, Sergeant and Flight-Sergeant are below us in rank - they are non-commissioned Officers and are Airmen. Anyhow, I piloted the first half of the journey down as far as Bristol - on the Severn River, then the Corporal piloted the last half.  The instructor sits beside the pilot - so when I wasn't piloting I sat in the Navigator's seat about half way back in the plane and facing backwards - it sure seemed funny.  We cruised at 160 m.p.h and weer up for 1 hour, 50 minutes so you figure out ow many miles we went.

Yesterday Doug Morris, another Canuck and I borrowed some push-bikes and rode up to Little Rissington - 13 miles, and saw some of the other Canadian Boys that we came over with.  Little Riss is another F.T.S.

I went into Oxford after tea today with our Ensign (one of the junior pupils with a P.C. - Permanent Commission).  He has a little M.G. (Morris Garage) care.  It is real low and long and we just scooted along these winding highways, corners and all at about 70 m.p.h  It is amazing how these small cares cling to the road.

The classes were started up again so you see a lot of queer looking mugs gadding about the streets there - with their school ties, gaudy scarves, and some with their black gowns.  Some of them have long hair to their shoulders, and other crazy ideas such as carrying two umbrellas, wearing a sort of shepherd's toque and carrying a crook, (just between you and me and the sea, I think they must be afflicted with an epidemic of "nerts".)

I've been trying to find an envelope large enough to send some enlargements to you but they don't seem to exist.  Anyway, I'm sending a few more snaps.  There is a badminton court in Whitney,  a few miles away so I think I'll start playing again.

I got a letter from Esther today, so will have to answer it.  I suppose threshing is all over by now, and the plow is going again.

I'll write again soon.



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