Wednesday, March 19, 2014

World War II Letters Home March 19, 1939 - Estelles Wickenkamp


Now to continue, Friday after tea Doug and I and 2 other Canucks borrowed a car and went into Hull.  We were wandering around and came to a store (shop) where they sell all Canadian foods - so we bought a can of tomato juice, some cheese, maple syrup - we're going to get the chef to make us some pancakes, and a can of sauerkraut which we shall also eat.  We sure had a lot of fun buying this stuff.

After we had supper we looked around for a dance hall and found one quite nice inside.  it cost us a bob (1 shilling) to get in.  Well, I never saw such a terrible looking bunch of bags in my life.  It took me nearly half an hour to steel my nerves up enough to go and dance.  So I picked up the best looking bit of fluff I could see and went at it.  Then i got my next jolt - when they talk such Yorkshirish accent I couldn't understand what it was all about.  After i got the drift it wasn't too bad.  In spite of their looks the girls up there are quite sociable and very talkative.  On the average they are quite short - about 5 feet tall.

I think I'll have to call it quits for this time as I want to write a letter home tonight too.

Right at present conditions Europe don't look very pleasant, but only time will tell what is to happen.

I hope you are getting more exercise now and getting well again.

                                                                                                     With Love Your Brother,



  1. I couldn't agree more. I like the thrill of the chase to. I'm trying to write a family history mystery. Have gathered much of the material based on my research.

    Regards, Grant

  2. I just started following you on pinterest. I'm on pinterest as well. You can find me by going to the board humor or wars and you will see my name attached to genealogy boards, or go to my blog and get to my pinterest account as well. You can probably already tell I'm an avid genealogist. I just can't help it.

    Regards, Grant


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