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World War II Letters Home April 26, 1939 - Estelles Wickenkamp

                                                                                           School of Navigation
                                                                                            R.A.F Manston, Kent
                                                                                            April 26, 1939

Dear Folks:

Another move is made and I have a new home for at least 10 weeks.  Of course now that summer is here, you see I always go to the seaside, ahem!

Doug and I and 2 others got here Sunday, 24th, about midnight.  We came in Doug's car and went through London on the south side of the Thames.  It is the poorest part of London a few miles.  We went past Windsor Castle which is southwest of London a few miles.  We went past a huge impressive place.  Sometime I am going to go through it.

Our Brize Norton course is fairly well scattered now - to all parts of England, Scotland and Egypt.  Four of the Canadians have gone to Egypt - there are only 3 of us left and we are here at Manston.  After we are finished here most likely we'll be scattered, I hope not.  It is going to be quite nice here especially after the summer resorts open up, which is after Whitsun.  Ramsgate and Margate only really live during the summer.  They are both a mass of amusement buildings, dance halls and bathing.

This navigation course means a bit of concentration but I don't think it will be overly hard.  We will put in about 40 or 50 hours of flying as 1st and 2nd navigator night and day but no piloting.  Anyhow, after we are through we will be able to get a 2nd class navigator's certificate - just what I have been after ever since i came over - that's why I went on "heavies".  We work Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday morning,  Thursday and Friday. Saturday and Sunday are free so we don't put in such a heavy week.


I didn't finish this yesterday so I'll scrawl off a few lines and send it this noon.  I just got a letter from Vernon M.  He said that Max B. put in his application.  Is Esther home yet?  I haven't had a letter from any of you for a couple of weeks.

The weather has been quite bright lately but being on the coast it is a bit chill yet.   We are living in the same building as the mess here, I am up on the 2nd floor.

Well, I think this will have to be all for this time if I want to get this mailed now.

                                                                                     As Ever, Love


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