Sunday, November 23, 2014

Census Sunday - 1900 US Federal Census, Chicago, Cook, Illinois - Joseph C Smith househould

Twelfth Census of the United States
State: Illinois
County: Cook
Township or other division of county: West Town
Name of incorporated city, town or village within the above names division: City of Chicago Ward of city 28.

Supervisors District: 1  
Enumeration District; 854
Sheet: 14

Enumerated on 12th Day of June by John T. Robertson

line 74 Smith, Joseph C Head W M Oct 1873 27 M 7 IL, IN, IL
line 75 Smith, Josephine Wife W F Mar 1873 27 M 7 2 2 IL OH IN
line 76 Smith, Mary Dau W F May 1894 6 S IL IL IL
line 77 Smith, Francis P Son W M Dec 1898 1 S IL IL IL  

Francis P Smith is my grandfather, Frank P Smith.

Unfortunately I could not read the occupation on for Joseph C Smith on the Census. I would really love to know what he was working at and what brought from the Chicago.

The family lived at 2626  W Polk St.

According to the Census, this is 2626 W Polk St, Chicago Illinois. I went to Google Earth and put in the address and this is what I got.  If this is true, I assume that in 1900 there were houses here. 

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