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Travel Tuesday - Nonstop American Legion Goodwill trip

March 27, 1930 Spokane Daily Chronicle


Work Out Novel Device on American Legion Good Will Car

    Oil-changing apparatus on the Spokane-Canada-Mexico-Spokane nonstop American Legion good-will automobile was tested today and found to be in readiness for the start from legion headquarters tomorrow at 6 p.m.  It is estimated three or four changes will be necessary before the car completes its trip of more than 3700 miles.
        Fill From Running Board
      A valve has been placed in the lowest point in the crankcase, and is controlled from the driver's seat.  When an oil change is necessary,  the plan is to utilize a long grade, stop the motor, close its valve and refill from a gallon can which one of the two drivers will handle on the running board.
      "We are all set," said Grant Ware who with Frank P. Smith will pilot the  car. "Tonight we shall get all possible sleep to be ready for the long grind."
       Drivers to avoid stopping have been worked out.  Railroad crossings will be approached slowly, to insure against a train blocking the pathway and forcing the wheels to stop turning.  Should a traffic jam appear invisible,  the car must be turned on the road to avoid it.
Must Anticipate Trouble
    "It means looking far ahead to try to anticipate trouble which might force a stop," said Ware.  "An instrument in the car is sealed and makes a complete record, showing beyond any doubt if the car is kept going or whether is has stopped." An improvised bed in the tonneau will permit one driver to sleep while the other proceeds.
    Daily wired reports will be sent to the Chronicle for exclusive use in Spokane.

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