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Travel Tuesday - Nonstop American Legion Goodwill Trip

Spokane Daily Chronicle March 28, 1930


Nonstop Canada to Mexico Drive Ready for Start at 6:30 Tonight.

"Everything is ready." This was the report from Grant Ware Frank P. Smith, who will leave Spokane at 6:30 p.m. today on a proposed nonstop good-will  American Legion auto tour from Spokane to Mexico and return to Spokane.

Final checking of the car today proved to be in satisfactory condition.  Special refueling and oil changing apparatus were given a final examination and mechanics pronounced the machine ready.
  Plan Week's Drive
The car will be home for the two overseas veterans from the start this evening until 2 p.m. next Friday, if the schedule averaging 20 to 21 miles an hour is maintained.

American Legion members will be out in force this evening to give Ware  and Smith a rousing sendoff.  When the car starts, the legion membership drive to get a member for each 10 miles the car makes will be launched.
    Drivers Are Confident
 Both Ware and Smith were confident today they successfully make the 3700 mile trip without letting the wheels of the machine come to a momentary stop.

"Suppose," Ware was asked, "you had to stop for an instant because of a traffic jam, a train or something from which you could not turn and avoid?"

"We just don't figure on stopping," said Ware. "We haven't given it enough consideration to know what we might do if we had to stop; whether we would continue or come back and start over.  We just aren't going to stop."
"We are going to tell obstacles we meet, how they are overcome and conditions  which hamper or help us in exclusive telegrams to the Chronicle."

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