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Matrilineal Monday - Sarah Smith (Payton) - My Great Great Grandmother

Sarah Smith, youngest of the five children of George P. and Araminta (Eigenbrode) Smith, was born October 20, 1850 at Pleasant Hill, Montgomery county, Indiana.  Her mother died in 1853 when she was only three years of age.  Her father married again in 1854 to Julia Ann Moore.

In 1860, the family lived in Ashgrove, Iroquois county, Illinois

In 1865 or 1866, George, Julia Ann and the family moved, by covered wagon, to Sullivan county, Missouri,  near Green City.  George C. and Sarah, eldest and youngest of George P. and Araminta’s children went with them.  Mary, Martin and Aaron were deceased by 1860. The family was only in Missouri a short time when Julia Ann died in May of 1867, and George returned to Iroquois county, Illinois with his family.

Sarah was married December 12, 1867 to Henry Harrison Payton, at Onarga, Iroquois county, Illinois, where they lived for thirty years, until his death in 1900.

To this union ten children were born, nine of the children lived until adulthood. William Franklin, b 14 January 1869; Minnie A. b. 14 September 1870; Josephine  (Josie) Evaline b. 10 March 1872;  Frank b. 13 January 1875 d. 20 February 1875; Arthur L.  b. 13 January 1876; Mary E. b. 16 March 1878;  James A. b. 29 June 1880; Alice Lenora b. 3 February 1884; Anna b. 1 September 1886; Edith b. 7 August 1889.

After Henry’s death, 7 September 1900, Sarah and her youngest daughter, Edith, moved to Washington state. Her eldest daughters, Minnie (married to Francis Marion  Smith) and Josie (married to Joseph Clinton Smith) were living in Washington state.
On July 20, 1908 at Colfax, Whitman county, Washington, Sarah was married to Francis W. Sever, a farmer, of Wilcox, Washington. Ages 58 and 71 years. Sarah’s youngest daughter Edith was living with her in 1910.
Francis W. Sever died February 8, 1915 in Palouse, Whitman county, Washington.

I think this may be Francis Sever or  Elwood Harold

After Mr. Sever’s death, Sarah was married to Abraham Miller, a retired soldier, of Albion, Whitman county, Washington. They were married March 28, 1917 at Colfax, Washington. Ages 66 and 79. Abraham Miller died April 2, 1919 in Albion, Whitman county, Washington.

I think this may be Abram Miller? 

After the death of Abraham Miller, Sarah was married a fourth time. On May 25, 1920, She married Elwood Harold, a minister of the Gospel. Ages 69 and 73.

Sarah died at age 79 years, April 27, 1929, at Spokane county, Washington. Her body was take back to Iroquois county, Illinois for burial beside her first husband Henry Harrison Payton in the G.A.R. Cemetery in Watseka, Illinois.

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  1. Sarah,
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